Friday, March 23, 2012

there were two men fighting.

Doctor is better,doctor saves life.

No,engineer is better.we save life too.

Doctor is harder.

Engineer is harrrderrr.

Well,the conversation may be seems a bit girlish.hihi sorry

But it was immature indeed.

They were both are studying in medicine and engineering.needed to be said.not a doctor or engineer just yet. that made the fight ridiculous and fuuny. not in funny haha u r so funny, it's like funny bleyh huh u r embarassing urself.

I'm afraid to say this in the social network,where everybody knows who talking about,and the person will not be happy .

I do not want anybody to be displeased. just,I do not like that kind of attitude .

I'm better than you. yada yada yada. even if u r really better than anyone,do u really need to say that to the world.tahu sendiri dalam hati sudahlah.prove it with ur actions not ur big mouth.

Oh saya pun amik medic jugak,kepada yg rasa kau sapeeee nk ckp mcm org bagus2 reti sendirilah rasa diri kerdil.dalam batch,ada lg org yg lg pandai dr aku. dlam kolej,ada senior yg lg hebat dh hbis belajar.dlam wad ada HO,doctors specialist pengarah hospital menteri kesihatan. oh my god,banyak gile yg luar negara lg caneee

Kau x buat ape pun weyh,bukan kau yg cari ubat baru.bukan kau yg first time bedah org,kenal anatomi. bukan kau yg buat researh banyak gile penat gile cari epid disease,risk factors,ways to treat

Kau sambung je pent lelah org lain,supaya bile cikgu kau xde.zaman depan nt ada lg doktor.pstu kau ajar kt junior kau supaya bile kau mati,org tahu apa nak buat.

And most of all,ada Allah yg sumeeee benda medc engineer arts account sume ilham dr die.kau sape weyhhhh.kecik gile kot,baru jee bak start.

But anyway,backing something means that it is so special and important to you.and u r not even working yet,that is something my friends.

Peace. *put peace at the end hoping people would not be mad ngeee*

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